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Join Us Wednesday, September 26th, 2018 7PM EST Magaziner Center for Wellness 
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Healthy Meal Planning Made Easy!
Attend Our Live Workshop With Health Coach, Beth Santry
What You Will Learn By Attending This FREE Seminar:
 Why meal planning is better for your health, budget and sanity.
 How to put the focus on nutrient dense foods that help increase your energy.
 A way to food prep that eases the stress of making meals throughout the week.
A healthy life doesn’t live itself. Be proactive about your health. This can be your first step.
Join the Magaziner Center’s Health Coach, Beth Santry, for an in depth look on how to meal plan for the week. Using healthy, whole foods, Beth will provide tips and tricks for setting you and your entire family up for success!

Sticking to a healthy diet can be challenging during the busy shuffle of the work week. Are you tired of staring into the fridge and wondering what you are going to prepare for dinner in a short period of time? Maybe you’re struggling with packing healthy lunches and snacks for work or school. Learning the skills of meal planning and preparation can be the one tool that helps start you on the right path.
Call (856) 324-6033 To Register Today!
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